Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Like Cotton Candy: A Pastel Round-Up

Usually when I think of pastels I think, "Ick."  I have made a believer out of myself with these beautiful, spring-inspired finds.  The colors kind of remind me of cotton candy...which reminds me of childhood...which makes me happy.   

Scroll down below for individual links or you can go here to see all of them at once.

1.) Pastel Play Silk Set from The Enchanted Cupboard
2.) 24 Pastel Straws from The Shindiggity Shoppe
3.) Pastel Tassel Garland from Studio Mucci
4.) Pastel Lavender Sachets from Gardenmis
5.) Mint Oxfords from The Drifter Leather
6.) Item sold.  Check out some more items from More Chenille Chateau.
7.) Pink and Mint Cupcake Earrings from Zoozim
8.) Item sold.  Check out some more items from Caramelos.
9.) Sweet Pastel Pinwheels from A Forest Frolic
10.) Hazel Atlas Sherbet Cups from Iones Attic
11.) Tassel Necklace from Fresh From the Kiln
12.) Pink Wool Top from Just A Daydream
13.) Miniature Spring Bunny from cbexpress
14.) Shabby Chic Bunting from Sweet Caroline Home
15.) Spring Celebrations Sugar Cookies from Q's Goodies
16.) Butterfly Sachets from Gardenmis

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