Friday, May 2, 2014

Dining Room Inspiration: Navy, Mint, Gold, & Yellow

We just bough a house at the end of January.  I haven't had time to even think about decorating.  Ugh. The farthest I've been able to get, so far, is decorating in my head - know what I mean?  My time has been consumed between Odd Duck Soaps, the kiddos, and our yard and garden.

I decided it's time to start thinking about making a decorating plan.  For me that can be kind of hard.  I think my overall decorating style - and I'm no professional interior designer - would be best described as eclectic.  I love everything from vintage, folk, modern, cottage chic, to minimalism and beyond.  If I had to choose one decorating style, I would probably cry.  There's so much beauty to be found in them all.

I haven't decided on a paint color and I also think I will have to change the curtains, but this is the direction I would like to go with our dining room.  I see a vision of navy blue, shades of mint, yellows, cream, and a touch of metallic gold finishes.

A few key items that I need to get: vintage trays for a tray wall, fabulous pieces of display china, and a large, ornate gilded (real or faux) mirror.  These are the big 3 items that are going to set the mood for our dining room.  I really would love a hutch but due to the room layout I think a buffet or dresser will work best.  Since I will be decorating on a tight budget I hope to score at some thrift stores and yard sales.  I will have to see things with new eyes and hone my recycling skills.

If you are interested in any of these items that are for sale, please go here.  All photos belong to the shop owners.

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