Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I Be Thrift Shoppin': Ugly Bless Our Home Sign

If you are needing to decorate on a budget, you just absolutely cannot go wrong with thrift stores.  You may not make some fantastic scores each time you go, but when you do find something you need or want, it feels really good to only have spent a few bucks.

So I have a vision for my dining room - you can see where I plan to go with it HERE. I'm not entirely sure what my style is and honestly I don't care too much.  I do what I like and I like what I do - what style it is doesn't matter to me, because I'm bound to break some rules somewhere.

My vision has evolved a bit as I plan to use less gold metallics than originally thought and plan to incorporate some silver metallics as well.  Overall, I'm just looking to create a pretty space that I will enjoy looking at, and that my family will enjoy as well.  We bought this house back in January and I haven't done a lick of decorating.  I decided it was time to start collecting pieces.

My goal is to decorate as much of my home as I can strictly from thrift store shopping finds.  My reason for this is: 1.) It's a challenge and 2.) It will save us tons of money and 3.) I just really enjoy it.

Our local DAV is a great place to go.  Every major holiday they have a 50% off sale.  Since Memorial Day was this past Monday, I went late that night and found some great finds.

Here's one that I am excited about - I call it the Ugly Bless Our Home Sign.  Because dude, it is ugly.  For now.  I don't have a clue what decade this is from.  It looks like something I would have grown up with, so I am going to say the 80s.

I like gold, but not in this instance.  It just looks old and dated.  The gold "Bless our home" is some type of metal.  In different spots the coating has worn off.  It's attached to a wood base (also with lots of wear) with some screws.  The sign is about 16" long by 5" tall.

I think after a fresh coat of solid white paint it will look much better and more modern.  I plan to put this into the dining room, but not sure where just yet.

It was originally priced for $5, marked down to $4, and I got it on a 50% off sale for $2.

Dining Room Decorating Total: $2

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