Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Mystery Iris Is Blooming! And Other Iris Types of Note

I just love flowers.  When we closed on our house back in January, I didn't realize I would have any blooming flowers this spring.  It's the only set of flowers in the entire yard (for the moment) so I was excited to see what color they would be.

They just started to bloom yesterday and there's at least 4 blooms per stalk and probably 8-10 stalks.  I think I will cut a few for the dining room table.  I'm not an iris expert, but I am guessing this is a yellow bearded iris?  I have no idea about what name it would have.

Iris is probably the easiest thing to grow, other than a weed.  Really, all you have to do is make sure it has plenty of sun and some water, then every few years you can divide up the rhizomes (because they naturalize and spread over time).  I think the blackest of thumbs can grow iris.  

I think I'd like to add to my iris collection.  I found these on  This is one of my new favorite websites because they have flat rate $3.95 shipping.  SHAZAM!  I am sold.

As a note, all of these photos below belong to  I have provided links for all of the iris types if you would like to purchase any from there.

Beverly Sills Reblooming Iris
This peachy pink iris is so feminine and lovely.  It's like a vintage wedding dress, all covered in lace.  I think it looks timeless, classic, and beautiful.

Image Immortality Reblooming Iris
Immortality Reblooming Iris
So if the Beverly Sills iris reminds me of a vintage wedding gown, this fluffy, stark white iris reminds me of a modern wedding gown.  I always find stark white flowers to be so beautiful as well.  When we purchase flowers for their extravagant shades of beauty, there's still something amazing about a white flower.

Image Lady in Red Dwarf Bearded Iris
Lady in Red Dwarf Bearded Iris

Now this one looks like a show stopper!  I don't even know what color that is.  The website describes it as magenta, but it looks almost like a red wine burgundy mixed with indigo.  I don't even know.  But it is such a beautiful shade of color I've never seen in a flower before.

Image Here Comes the Night Bearded Iris
Here Comes the Night Bearded Iris
This one makes my heart stop.  I'm such a sucker for "black" flowers because they're just so cool looking.  If I ever live in a creepy looking old house, I'm going to plant a gothic garden with nothing but black flowers.  I am definitely getting some of these because I don't think my garden can live without it.

Next I think I will talk about tulips.  I don't have any in my yard, but I'm determined to plant every square inch possible.  Tulips will be a long post, so I'll save it for another day!

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