Saturday, May 31, 2014

I Be Thrift Shoppin': Cute Little Sugar Dish

I'm a sucker for cutesy little things like sugar dishes.  I miss the days where ladies had guests over for afternoon tea.  Can we bring that back?  I don't know if it would be nearly as much fun without all the fancy dresses, carriages, petite snack cakes, and all that general romance of days gone by.

I picked this up for the color and the design.  It's nothing fancy - no markings on the bottom of this piece.  I have no idea what country this was made in, or if it was made yesterday or 30 years ago.  It's a lovely sort of mustard yellow and stands about 4" tall by 3.5" wide.

I think the lid is my favorite part.  It's decorated all around with that pretty little pointed tip.  I also love the handles.

I found this cute little sugar dish at the DAV on one of their 50% off sales.  Originally $3, marked down to $2, so I got it for $1.  Even if this never gets used as a sugar dish, I would say it's well worth $1.

Dining Room Decorating Total To Date: $3

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