Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Cutest Bag on the Block: Vintage Linens Turned Market Tote

This was a random stumble while I was browsing through Etsy one day.  I am so in love with this idea, this shop, and her bags!  I absolutely cannot wait to order one!  Not only is a great idea for upcycling vintage linens, but she has great taste in which linens she chooses and how she pairs them together.  A bonus is that each one is fully lined and reversible, not to mention her shop (fairly new) has great reviews.

I love the special touch of the tags - she has the original linen tag combined with her branding tag.  Cute, huh?  And cool to see where your linens came from.

I mean, I am a little jealous.  It's such a cute, eco-friendly, brilliant idea.  Why didn't I think of that first?  OK, so I can't even sew and I'm not going to try and learn now.  I will just enjoy buying this bag and carrying it everywhere I go.

Kudos to Made For You By Me on Etsy.  Brilliant.  Beautiful.  Eco-friendly.  Bold.  Fashionable.  Simple. WONDERFUL.

Check out these favorites of mine:


Guess what else?  She has more than just totes in her shop!  Check out these cuties:

Vintage Linen Hoop Art
Vintage Linen Bunting
All photos property of MFYBM (Made For You By Me) on Etsy.

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